Development is a process that goes beyond an improvement in the wellbeing of the people. It encompasses the capacity of a system to provide the environment for continuous and the consistent wellbeing of the people. It requires a conscious and regular incremental approach to ensure that as lives are being made better, any change will be an improvement and not retrogression. The nature of development makes it too huge a task to be left to just a certain body /organization even if it is the government. It is the duty of the government to ensure that a country develops, which is the main reason for voting a particular government into power. Developmental roles by government to citizens of Ghana can be seen as a right of every citizen. That said however, a communal approach to development is what can guarantee a country’s actual development. Various institutions have different roles to play all to ensure that the country develops one way or the other. Government, citizenry, employees, businesses all have their roles to play. You are humbly welcome to report your development challenges for policy advocacy by

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