The Power of Citizenry Participation for development



STEP 2 - Report Details

Bad Roads, Poor drainage, Embezzlement, Tax evasion, Corruption, Poor drinking water
Development is a process that goes beyond an improvement in the wellbeing of the people. It encompasses the capacity of a system to provide the environment for continuous and consistent wellbeing of the people. It requires a conscious and regular incremental approach to ensure that as lives are being made better, any change will be an improvement and not retrogression. The nature of development makes it too huge a task to be left to just a certain body /organization even if it is the government. It is the duty of the government to ensure that a country develops, which is the main reason for voting a particular government into power. Developmental roles by governments to the citizens of Ghana can be seen as a right of every citizen not a privilege. That said however, a communal approach to development is what can guarantees a country’s actual development. Various institutions have different roles to play all to ensure that the country develops one way or the other. Government, citizenry, employees, businesses all have their roles to play. You are humbly welcome to report your developmental challenges for policy advocacy by ADRRI.
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It is the duty of the government to ensure that a country develops, which is the main reason for vot

No Prepaid

Currently there is no ECG prepaid vendor in the jumapo. One have to go all the way to Asokore to buy


Why microfinance fail at Asesewa



Bad road network

The roads in my municipality is bad that is not tired

inadequate drinking water

lack of water in Suhum municipality


armed robbery rates are high


Rape cases, murder

Bad road network

The roads in my municipality is bad that is not tired

armed robbery rates


Assess potable drinking water

Kpetoe is a town located the Volta region of Ghana. The town has a population of about 2,500 with

Assess potable drinking water

Kpetoe is a town located the Volta region of Ghana. The town has a population of about 2,500 with

Assess to good drinking water

Kasoa is known to be the fastest growing community located in the central region of Ghana. Assess to

Bad Roads

With a population of 2.5millon people

Bad roads And less water

AShomang has about 1,000 population and lacks good roads and water


water shortage is always a problem


Koforidua Korle Nkwanta there is bad roads and no water


Koforidua Korle Nkwanta there is bad road and no water

Poor transportation network

Accra needs better roads

bad road

Bad road

Our road

The nature of our road is very bad n we support

the small bridges must be constructed

There's a big gutter which has not been constructed for a long time which in the raining seaso


our market is nt sufficient to ensure smooth trading


Nothing is done by the Unit committee, the Assemblyman, nor even the elders of the town but I know t

unavailability of road and Gutters

Gutters and roads have not been constructed some of the vicinities at the above mentioned location,

Small scale mining

The chanies people were destroy our lands and water at Nwineso No 2 due to that the youth don't

Sanitation and drainage problems causing deaths

Because of poor drainage systems in my village there is always invitation of diseases causing more d


Inadequate flow of water through tabs the tabs could be closed for weeks without water flowing throu

Misconduct of Ghanaian Police

Misconduct of Ghanaian police must b checked

Corruption in the ministry of education

Measures to prevent corruption in the field of education are geared in particular to enhancing the

Better education service

improving the standard of education in all schools

Road network and drainiage system

I live near st.Charles senior High School, Tamale. We have a very poor road network and drainage sys


The town water supply system has been down for almost two years now. The natives now relies on moto

No electricity

Areas like Farmbee and Betom still don't have electricity and the government as usual seems unp

Mr Akilu Sayibu

There is a community in the Sagnarigu District of the Northern Region known as Kpentaliga in which t

Lack Public Libraries or Reading Centers

Tamale is a home to over four million inhabitants. These number has greater percentage of students,

Underutilized dam

Sakom is one of the villages in Bawku West which were privilege to have gotten a dam constructed by

Agribusiness Advisor

Support to youth enterpreneurship

Water Challenges

A community of over 2,000 inhabitants have no reliable source of potable water, Health and good educ


The community is lacking water and electricity. Some area in Walewale are seriously suffering of wat

Water problems

our communities are facing serious water crisis, and we boholes and other water supply systems

Bad road network

The road from Kotwi to Bekwame in the Atwima kwanwoma district is very bad. The road is untired and

Water crisis

Water goes out anytime with any information from Ghana Water Company


New Juaben Assembly



Increasing Open Defecation and Poor Sanitation

The Tamale City is the fastest growing citie in Ghana. Yet there are many houses with no toilet faci


Amadu Hamdawei a nurse at Ghana Health Service Tamale interested in changing the life and attitude

Poor drinking water

Poor road network

Poor drinking water

People needs help

Failure Of Public School Pupils

Some teachers don't honor their lessons as planned. Absenteeism is highly practiced in almost a

bad road network

Bad road and poor construction of bridge

Street lights

I wonder why the whole town has street light poles, with the initial light dead, and yet the town co

Electric poll wrongly place on the road

The poll is sited at the middle of the road which makes movement of big vehicles very difficult.

Embezzlement of Christmas package

The head of FDA, Tamale, denied a security man his Xmas package without any justification.

poor road network

Fumbisi as the capital for builsa south district in the upper east region has one of the biggest mar

Lack of Access to portable drinking water

The people of Tamale specifically Dabokpa and Kukuo still have no access to water. Their main soourc

Water Taps in Wurishe Locked

The residents of Wurishe in the Sagnarigu Municipality are without water flow for the past four mont

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